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Vibratory Roller Power To Prepare Your Building Site

Obtain high compaction performance from CORNIVER with ride-on vibratory rollers that surpass the performance of plate compactors and walk-behind rollers. Moreover, due to the state of the art design of the vibratory mechanism inside the drum, the Corniver vibrating rollers outperform single drum rollers classified as wider and heavier. We provide single drum vibrating rollers for all types of compaction applications. All Corniver vibratory rollers are the shortest (best manoeuvrability), the lightest (easiest to transport), the lowest center of gravity (the safest to use) in their respective class. At the same time , all Corniver vibratory rollers deliver the highest compaction performance in their class. Use a CT 55 for powerful performance or our CT 40 and CT 48 for outstanding compaction and unsurpassed manoeuvrability.

Manoeuverable Design

With a compact design, each Corniver vibratory roller offers extreme maneuverability to operate effectively in confined areas and close to walls. With high-angle articulation and oscillation, it is possible to operate these machines around obstructions and over uneven terrain.

Drum and Wheel Drive

This advanced system provides the needed traction for work on inclines and rough terrain. With this drive system, you will be able to maintain full forward and reverse power to the two heels and the drum with superior gradability. This will enable you to maintain maximum productivity over rough, uneven, and slippery surfaces. If you are compacting heavy clay and cohesive soils, use a pad-foot drum model. These models can also add a strike-off blade for increased productivity. Smooth drum units are best on mixed particle soil like:

• Sand • Gravel • Crushed Stone • Lightly Cohesive Soils
Man Driving CT 48 Model

Compactor In Construction

Hydraulic Systems

Corniver vibrating rollers are equipped with top of the line, brand name hydraulic components. In order to extend the component’s life, our hydraulic systems operate at medium pressure. The diesel engine’s maximum RPM has also been significantly reduced for the same reason and also to reduce noise levels.


Withstand extreme shock loadings with our equipment. We have included an exceptionally strong oscillation and articulation joint to absorb shocks.

Operator’s Compartment

This spacious area features ergonomic controls to promote safe operations. It is also designed to offer excellent visibility of the working area.

Optional Equipment

Depending on your construction site’s needs, we also offer additional equipment. For work in closed areas, use one of our catalytic converters. Foam-filled tires are an option that will enable you to have zero tire maintenance. A knock-down blade in front of the machine will level the material to be compacted -- expecially helpful for trench work. We also offer the option of a padded shell kit to help you convert seamlessly from a smooth drum to a pad-foot drum, thus maximizing utilization and return.

Trade Shows

We provide frequent updates to let you know where you can see us and learn more about our products. In this coming January, we will be in Las Vegas, Nevada for the California Rental Association. In February we will be in Orlando, Florida, for the American Rental Association. In March, we will be exhibiting our products in Drummondville, Quebec, for the Canadian Rental Association and the Quebec Rental Association.